Первый патч для Civilization 6

Сегодня разработчики выпустили первый патч для Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. В патче добавлена поддержка DirectX 12, карты и сценарии для сетевой игры, внесены изменения в баланс и исправлены несколько известных багов. В русификации исправлены наиболее очевидные ошибки начальной версии (Юнит «Обстрел» стал наконец «Бомбардой», а трейт Германии из «Имперские города бесплатно» изменился в «Вольные города Империи»).

Патч обновляет игру до версии, размер загрузки около 2 Гб. Старые сейвы совместимы, грузятся после обновления без проблем.

Ниже полный список изменений, перевод будет дополняться.


Поддержка DX12
Полная поддержка Logitech ARX
— добавлена сбалансированная карта на 6 игроков
— добавлена сбалансированная карта на 4 игроков
Новый сценарий «Кавалерия и канонада»
— военный сценарий, в котором юниты не требуют стратегических ресурсов, а их содержание снижено
— более крупные армии в начале партии и больше стартовых технологий
— лимит по времени: 50 ходов
— цель: владеть самой большой территорией


Теперь можно переименовывать города
Визуальное отображение следующего тайла, на который расширится город
Визуальная подсказка для варварских Разведчиков, которые получили информацию о вашем городе
Дополнительные уведомления
Добавлено «поражение по времени» . По умолчанию отключена, если включена победа по счету.
Дополнительные «горячие» клавиши — переход к следующему юниту, переход к следующему городу
Изменене рейтинга для Дэна Куэйла (всемирный рейтинг по итогам партии)

• Added prerequisite project (Manhattan Project) for Operation Ivy.
• Added Metal Casting as a prerequisite for Economics tech.
• Adjusted religious pressure when a religion is first founded to give them more resilience and convert the city.
• Adjusted relationship decay rates.
• Reduced the effectiveness of cavalry production policies.
• Reduced Warmonger penalties in most instances, and adjusted how this reacts to returning versus keeping a city. The last city conquered from a player now provides a heavy warmonger penalty, even if you have a Casus Belli against this player, because you are wiping out a civilization.
• Reduced border incursion warnings if the troops are within their own borders.
• Increased the number of Great Works of Writing slots in the Amphitheater to 2.
• Increased Counterspy operation time.
• Increased the cost of Religious units and applied additional charges.
• Units may no longer be deleted when they are damaged.
• Deleting a unit no longer provides gold.
• Updated Island Plates map to have more hills and mountains.
• Units may no longer remove features from tiles that are not owned by that player.
• Fallout now prevents resource harvesting.
• Barbarian camps must spawn further away from low-difficulty players’ cities.

• Adjusted AI victory condition focus to increase their competitiveness in Science and Tourism.
• Adjusted AI understanding of declared friendship.
• Adjusted the AI approach to beginning and ending a war based on potential gain and loss.
• Increased AI competitiveness in building a more advanced military.
• Increased AI usage of Inquisitors. Especially Phillip.
• Increased AI value of upgrading units.
• Increased AI use of Settler escorts.
• Tuned AI usage of units that cannot move and shoot, like Catapults.
• Tuned AI city and unit build planning.
• Improved the ability of city-states to maintain a strong military.

• Fixed some production Social Policies, Great People, and Pantheon bonuses that were not applying correctly.
• Fixed Royal Navy Dockyard not getting the right adjacency bonuses.
• Fixed some issues with how the Great Wall was built by players and AI, including proper connection to mountains and removing other players’ Great Walls as potential connection points.
• Fixed a unit cycling error with formations.
• Fixed a bug where the first military levy that expired would return all levied units (including those levied from other city-states) to that city-state. Now it should only return the levied units that actually originally belonged to the one city-state.
• Fixed several issues when Airstrips and Aerodromes are occupied, including forced rebasing of enemy units and UI updates.
• Fixed an exploit that allowed ranged and bombard units to gain experience when attacking a district with 0 hit points.
• Fixed an issue with wonders when transferring city ownership – conquering a city with a wonder would not track that wonder, and could lead to problems when attempting to use Gustave Eiffel.
• Fixed an issue where the Settler lens would not always show the right information to the player.
• Fixed an issue where AI would counter gold changes with the change desired, rather than the total amount of gold desired.
• Fixed an issue where the Tutorial intro and outro videos would appear off-center in certain resolutions.
• Fixed some crashes with units.
• Fixed an issue where multiple leaders of the same civilization would frequently show up in a game.
• Fixed an issue where Trade Route yields were doubling in some instances.
• Units in formations now break formation before teleporting between cities.
• The achievement ‘For Queen and Country’ was unlocking too frequently.
• AI with neutral relationships should accept delegations barring exceptional circumstances.
• Can no longer declare a Joint War if it is invalid for either party.
• Save game files should no longer be case sensitive.
• Certain wonders were sending extra notifications.
• Players will no longer receive any warmongering penalties from a joint war partner for actions in that joint war.
• Liberating a civilization back to life will now bring them back into the game properly.
• Observation Balloon range bonus was being incorrectly applied when stacked.
• Text and grammar fixes.

• Buildings on snow will now have snow on them.
• Added an Industrial Barbarian Encampment.
• Added a ranger tower to National Parks.
• Fixed some issues with buildings not culling around other world items properly.
• Fixed an issue with some Districts not showing properly.
• Miscellaneous polish applied to multiple improvements, districts, and buildings.

• Turn timers are always disabled on the first turn of a new game. This happens regardless of the advanced start or turn timer type selected.
• Allow multiplayer lobby’s private game status to be toggled once the lobby has been created.
• Cap the max players to 12.
• Added LAN player name option to options screen.

• Added the number of specialists working a tile.
• Added some additional icons for espionage, promotions, etc.
• Added additional Civilopedia shortcuts, including right clicking a unit portrait.
• Added the signature to the diplomacy action view/deal view so that we can differentiate between duplicate players. Also added multiplayer screenname in diplomacy.
• Added Trade Route yields to the Reports screen.
• Added City Center to the City Breakdown panel.
• Added rewards and consequences to mission completed popups.
• Updated the leader-chooser when beginning a new game.
• Updated the end game Victory screen.
• Updated the multiplayer staging room.
• Updated city banners.
• Updated Espionage mission chooser flow.
• Updated to display what cities are getting amenities from each resource.
• Changed resource icon backings to reflect the type of resource it is.
• Auto-scroll to the first Great Person that can be claimed.
• Improved search functionality in the Civilopedia.
• Removed Barbarian data from player replay graphs.
• ESC now closes the Tech, Civic, and Eureka popups.
• When loading a game, the era blurb will be the current era of the saved game, rather than the starting era of the game.

• Added some missing mouseover sounds.
• Fixed the Oracle quote.
• Fixed an issue where the Advisor voice was not playing in some languages.
• Fixed compatibility issues with some sound cards, especially those set to high playback rates.

• Added a setup option «No Duplicate Leaders» that is enabled by default. This option prevents multiple players from selecting the same leader.
• Updated leader screen to support enabling/disabling bloom according to the ‘Enable Bloom’ graphics option.
• Plot Tooltip Delay is now available in the Options menu.
• Auto Cycle Units is now available in the Options menu.
• Benchmark updates.
• Credits updated.

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